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Run Wild My Child

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Run Wild My Child

Hi, I’m Sara McCarty, founder of RUN WILD MY CHILD, a website dedicated to getting kids (and parents) outside and back into nature, one adventure at a time. Whether it’s through family travel, nature crafts, forest school lessons or outdoors games and activities, we know that kids are happiest and learn best when they’re outside, exploring and getting their hands dirty. We want to be your main resource for outdoor family inspiration and help you find new ways to encourage your child to run wild.

There’s no denying that children benefit greatly from being outdoors. Kids need fresh air and exercise, room to explore and a connection with nature. We all do. Families who find ways to be outdoors together nurture not only their bodies, but their connection to life and each other.  Research shows that kids who spend time outside in nature are happier, healthier and calmer. Playing outdoors builds confidence, encourages creativity and teaches responsibility.

We also believe that as parents and educators, we can teach children invaluable lessons with and through nature, but we also know that it’s not always (or maybe ever) easy. Our goal is to encourage you to get outside with your kids and help them connect with nature in fun new ways, no matter where you live, and even if you’re not “outdoorsy.”  And if you want to learn how to be “outdoorsy,” we’ll show you how! (or at least how to fake it ’til you make it.) 

Meet the Family

My husband Ryan and I are both attorneys in St. Louis, MO, have two children and share a love for the outdoors. I grew up in the country and did lots of camping, canoeing, creeking, hunting and exploring the woods when I was little. While Ryan was raised in the city, he developed a passion for fly-fishing, snorkeling and skiing at an early age and his deep love for all things nature-based turned him into a biology major in college.

Together we’ve hiked an active volcano, swam with sharks, explored ancient Mayan ruins, fly fished mountain streams, skied black diamonds, climbed waterfalls in a bamboo jungle, rafted through underground caves and camped in the snow…just to name a few of our outdoor adventures. But our biggest adventure by far has been parenting two wildlings!

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Our little wild ones, affectionately nicknamed Mac (5) and Mim (3) are both happiest when they’re outside. Whether they’re fly fishing in a frigid trout stream, hiking through the woods, geocaching in a local park or camping in the backyard, we try to get them outside as much as possible. We’re committed to raising our kids to respect and appreciate nature and we put a huge emphasis on making sure our “city kids” get plenty of sunshine on their faces, fresh air in their lungs and dirt under their fingernails. The fact that they actually like bugs and worms is just an added bonus!

Run Wild My Child

Run Wild My Child has been in the works for a long time and is a passion project of mine (one of the many). I’ve been blogging about personal and family life for over 10 years, but my favorite posts are always about our outdoor adventures. As questions and comments started coming in from moms across the country wanting advice on how to be more outdoorsy, this website found its roots. 

Run Wild My Child focuses mainly on 5 topics: nature crafts/lessons; outdoor activities; family travel; favorite gear; and photography. All my favorite things! We might not have new content daily (because…kids!), but we try to keep our readers consistently entertained and inspired.  While my family and I are the main source of info on the website, but we love featuring adventures, advice, trips, outings, projects and tutorials from parents all over the world. We’re currently accepting guest posts, so if you have a fun outdoor adventure you’d like to share, just let me know!

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A big giant thank you to the awesome ladies at Peri Cotton for having me here today. Our brands both seek to foster a love for the outdoors in our children, so this is a match made in nature! I hope you’ll stop by Run Wild My Child and check it out, leave a comment, stick around for a while. And please feel free to follow along with our adventures across all our social media channels.